Izuku uses a scythe fanfiction

I got carried away with Villain! Even so, i enjoyed every minute of it. Okay, so writing a group of people albeit knowing they have different views on a matter is hard when you want to keep it to a minimum and don't know most of the characters' personalities of have a clue how to add it in.

Anyways, without further ado here we go! Iida is annoyed. Simple as that. Being partnered up with one of the most hardheaded people in class is not the best thing because no matter how many times he tries to reason with Bakugou, the explosive and angry child doesn't want to listen. It's like he doesn't really care about this assignment because he's too busy with his own thoughts that he knows won't lead to anything good.

His red eyes are on the building, a scowl etched onto his face.

Crazy Crossover Concepts: Round 5

Whatever he's thinking, the spectacled kid can tell it has to do with Midoriya. Midoriya doesn't seem to be a psychopath, yet Bakugou has been calling him one since the start of the school year—well, yesterday. They enter into the building upon the call. The scene the find is very unexpected.

The hallways are dimly lit. A few lights are out of the sockets and are left swinging. The chill in the air bites at their bare skin. How did they even manage to get it like that, Iida is not sure. He notices the scratches along the walls and on the floor.

izuku uses a scythe fanfiction

It looks like a scene straight out of a horror movie. They suddenly come to a halt when the echo of insane laughter rips through the silence.

It's apparent that Bakugou is getting pissed off with the situation, small explosions come from his clenched hands. He scowls and glances at Iida, snapping for him to stay out of his way.Boomstick: I'm Boomstick and he's Wiz, and it is our job to analyze their armor, weapon and skills to find out who will win a Death Battle. Wiz: A boy who is born without a quirk AKA a superpower, gets shunned by others.

But thankfully he has found All Might. Boomstick: And turns out this superman of Japan can well, punch stuff really hard. Real creative Wiz: And as it turns out, he has to work to get to his quirk, work harder than his classmates until Wiz: Well yeah, as stated before in order for someone to inherit One for All they must eat their predecessors hair.

Wiz: And comes a great quirk comes great power, Midoriya has inherited One for All for some powerful strengths. Boomstick: He can use Delaware Smash with a flick of his finger he sends a shock wave so strong that it blows the opponent away. Wiz: And on top of that we have Full Cowl: Shoot Style which focuses more so on kicking rather punching focusing on his legs. Izuku is a strategist, quick at making them too. And on many circumstances he has been able to handle pain time to time. Boomstick: And he is able to fight against and defeat Muscular, my god this dude is on a roll!

Midoriya: "I'm not gonna be your worthless punching bag Deku forever I'm the Deku who always does his best! And as though, Ruby Rose yearned to be like those heroes in those Fairy Tales she would read later becoming a huntress. Boomstick: And then Summer went missing, as Yang told her about what happened leaving Ruby broken but was ratehr young at the time.

Wiz: And later, she was saved her uncle, Crow Branwen which even more aspired her to be a Huntress which she settled in Signal Academy, later going to Beacon. Wiz: Despite her age, she is skilled with a scythe being capable of level with her sister Yang Xiao Long who as we know is incredibly strong. And even draw with Cinder Fall.

Boomstick: Her record is impressive, and also fought a pack of Beowolves. My god is this girl a badass! Boomstick: She can also electrify her foes with electric dust, and also step her game up with gravity dust to increase the recoil effect causing her to propel herself to longer distances.

Wiz: She also scales to Yang Xiao Long who has been hit through a pillar and got up like it was nothing, which Ruby could most likely tank that as well.

Wiz: Can Ruby Rose be stopped? Yes, she can. Ruby Rose is reliant on Crescent Rose, and unlike her sister Yang Xiao Long, she is terrible at hand to hand combat which her only option is to run away with her Semblance which would result in a lost for her. Izuku was seen in his Hero Costume Gamma, as he was paired with Bakugou on this rescue mission. Though unfortunately they were separated from each other.

Izuku Midoriya Vs. Ruby Rose

I can't find him anywhere! You can't fight, you're too injured.! Izuku then stood up, "Wait, wait, wait! It was only self defense though, he really just rushed towards me and attacked me!

Ruby used Crescent Rose in Sniper mode shooting at Midoriya. Izuku then dodged the bullet rolling to the side, he then rushed at Ruby as she turned it into a scythe swinging at Midoriya. Midoriya backed away and punched Ruby to a wall. Ruby was then sent flying, as she used her gravity dust to propel her back at Izuku turning it into a scythe slashing at Izuku, as he did a sidestep doing a punch to Ruby's face.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Kireina Mirai was send into the future accidentally by a quirk, she was shocked to find out, that humanity involved some kind of powers, she would see in movies. Kireina now needs to adjust to a society full with heroes and villains. What kind of problems will her now quirkless status gave? How will she overcome them? How will she fight against a society that looks down to her? Mocking her? Telling her she's useless?

How will she bring her lost history back that the now 'heroic' society has killed? Quirks, are everything. In the decades since their arrival, they've become so ingrained in society that having a quirk is equated with being human. So, what happens when someone is quirkless?

Are they viewed as less than those have one? Not fully deserving to be called human? What happens when someone has more than one quirk, against the natural order of things? Are they viewed as monsters? Inhuman for an entirely different reason? What happens when someone is born with a quirk that gives them the power to decide who falls into what category?

This is just some ideas for people who wants to create fanfics and dont have any idea of what to do!!Wake the fuck up you damn shitnerd! But you should let your friend rest for now don't you think?

What the fuck are you talking about? This damn nerd is not my fucking friend! And I don't fucking care if he's resting right now I need to fucking speak to him right fucking now so you might as well help me out.

In the meantime, you should probably rest too. You can sit here. He pays no attention to the boy's choice of words thinking that the kid's just stressed out due to the events that had transpired. Unbeknownst to him, that's just the way Katsuki speaks naturally regardless of his mood. I didn't ask for that nerd's fucking help! What makes you think I came here to fucking thank that useless shit? That dumbfuck's always butting in on some other people's fucking business and acting like some kind of hero, he shouldn't have even fucking come here in the first place!

You might give him a headache if you shake him so hard. A small grunt escaped from the unconscious boy's mouth and only after then did Katsuki stopped his frantic shaking.

The first thing-or rather the first person Izuku sees as he slowly opens his eyes is a really, really angry Bakugou yelling profanities at his face. It's really such an amazing talent to put curses in almost every other word for every sentence, but Bakugou does is so easily. If curse words can kill, Izuku would not be there with Katsuki right in the middle of the road as he watches his childhood friend yell in front of his face.

He's pretty sure his face is now covered with the fuming boy's spit but he didn't bother to pay even a little bit of attention to it. There are more important things that matter right now. Izuku slowly sits up and process his surroundings. He sees Kamui Woods staring at him with concerned eyes and of course Katsuki still screaming so loudly, as if his life depends on it, even though they are only a few inches apart. What the hell is going on in that useless head of yours that you think you can just plunge yourself head on to a fucking villain?

I did not need your damn help, I never asked for your fucking help! Stop looking down on me you shit! After that not so pleasant conversation that is not really a conversation considering it was only Bakugou who did most of the talking-err screaming, Katsuki left leaving behind a frightened Izuku in the hands of Kamui Woods. Anyway, are you alright kid? Do you feel dizzy or anything 'cause he shook you pretty badly when he tried to wake you up.

You could've ended up getting severely injured or worse!


You're just a kid don't put yourself into such dire situations again you hear? But I admit you have a pretty nice quirk but you're too reckless try to not do that again okay?

I'll try not to do that again so don't worry! Izuku then left and walks away from the scene.Ruby is a cheerful, idealistic young girl who always dreamed of becoming a Huntress to help people, much like Izuku. Having been trained by her Uncle Qrow, a famed member of Team STRQ, her prodigious skills with a Sniper Scythe inspired Ozpin to invite her to attend Beacon two years before she normally would be allowed to. Her weapon is Crescent Rose, a "High-Caliber Sniper Scythe" HCSS that fires high-velocity rounds for ranged attacks and to propel Ruby along on top of serving as a powerful melee weapon that can easily bisect multiple Beowolves with a single swing.

The blade can also be swiveled in order to change the angle of the cut, allowing it to be used as a war glaive. The son of the 2 Huntsman, Enji Todoroki and Ren's partner. Shoto is gifted with a powerful Aura and Semblance from his parents, but almost exclusively uses the ice aspect of it.

His rough and regimented upbringing has left him with little experience with people his own age and starts reaching out to Izuku and Weiss to help him overcome his own coldness and awkwardness. His weapons are King Explosion Murder and Lord Explosion Murdera pair of large gauntlets that help him focus his explosions and empower them with Dust on top of being durable melee weapons to supplement Bakugo's in-your-face fighting style.

Nora's Childhood Friendhe is one of the few survivors of Kuroyuri, a village in Mistral that was ransacked by an especially powerful Grimm. Quiet, contemplative, and calculating, he's the opposite of his best friend in every way. His weapon is StormFlower, a pair of fully-automatic pistols with collapsible blades attached to the barrel.

While the pistols have low stopping power, they seriously damage Grimm if aimed at weak spots and are useful melee weapons.

Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. In General. Team Raspberry. Ruby Rose. Ruby: Hooray for Ruby: [taking a spoonful of ice cream] Ooooh yeah Izuku: [grinning] Feeling better? Ruby: Yeah, thanks Ruby: I knew it! Ruby: Come on, don't leave us in the dark; what are you gonna do to your darling Ruby: [right before digging into an ice cream sundae] Justice will be swift!

Justice will be painful! It'll be- delicious! Shoto Todoroki. Shoto: I find that I, too, would like us to be friends So how much more do we need to do before we become friends? Izuku: Well I suppose we only really have one thing we need to do before we become friends.

My name's Izuku Midoriya. Would you like to be friends? Shoto: utterly perplexed Is that it?In Chapter 84he becomes a nora after having Father make him his own Shinki, obtaining his second name, Hagusa.

In his human form, Yukine appears as a youthful teenager with short, messy hair. His hair is colored gold both in the anime and manga colorations.

However, his eyes are reddish-orange in the anime and a yellow-amber in the manga. He is shorter than both Yato and Hiyori.

Watching the Multiverse of Jaune Arc

His height is Upon his first summoning, Yukine wears a simple white robe, resembling a Japanese shinishozoku. He is later depicted with a blue hoodie, loose grey jeans, and teal patterned knit cap. In Episode 5 of the anime, he changes his attire to a white T-shirt, dark blue jeans, and a green knee-length jacket with a fur-trimmed hood. As of Chapter Yukine is first portrayed as being a bit cold and cruel. He is clearly upset and annoyed at the fact that he died, and became Yato's weapon, complaining about staying with someone like him.

As a result of this and the fact that people cannot see him well, Yukine takes advantage of this and other people, stealing money, clothes, and even betraying Hiyori. Yukine though seems to feel jealous of others who are alive, upset about the fact that he is dead and cannot make friends and learn what other students do. By then, he felt entitled to the pleasures of existing more-so than the living.

He is also apparently afraid of the dark.

Team Raspberry (RSBR)

When Yato is forced to punish Yukine through AblutionYukine confesses all of his sins and apologizes sincerely, and escapes the temptation that hurts Yato as his Shinki. Yukine is visibly more upbeat after his punishment, befriending Hiyori more and requesting to learn what she does in school. Yukine also is more diligent in his work as Yato's Shinki, working part-time for Daikoku to earn money for the two of them. Despite this, Yukine is still a bit sarcastic and occasionally yells at Yato when he is upset, especially after one of his few friends, Suzuhadies.

When Yato was missing, Yukine started to be more reserved, refusing to worry about Yato, as to suppress his feelings so he wouldn't hurt Yato via negative feelings.

izuku uses a scythe fanfiction

He instead busied himself learning how to be a better Shinki from Kazuma and tutoring from Hiyori. It has been shown many times how insecure Yukine truly is especially when the subject of Nora comes up. Despite being Yato's Blessed Shinki, he felt inferior to Nora and was jealous of her because she had been Yato's Shinki for much longer than him and even knew Yato's real name before he learned of it.

He was relieved when he saw Yato release Nora as his Shinki. As his Lead Shinki, Yukine has shown to be very strict with Yato especially after Yato's declared his resolve to change his ways.Growing up without a quirk is tough, however growing up with 2 quirks is even tougher especially if it changes your attitude.

This is the painful realization Izuku has come to realize while growing up. It all started when he and Katsuki were 5.

izuku uses a scythe fanfiction

Can't you see he's crying?! You don't even have a quirk yet you're standing up against me! Who do you think you are huh? You're just a useless quirkless deku so don't you think you can tell me what to do" yelled an aggravated Katsuki while making small explosions with his hands. Despite all of the hurtful things Katsuki told him he still held his ground and protected the boy from his childhood friend in which the blonde found to be extremely infuriating.

How many times do I have to tell you that a quirkless idiot like you can't be a hero! The doctor said I'm might just be a late bloomer. I'm gonna be a hero just like All Might! Those words made Katsuki dash towards Izuku with his right arm extended hoping to punch the freckled boy.

These actions by his childhood friend made Izuku crossed his arms in front of him hoping to block the punch although he knew that blocking the explosive with only his bare hands won't lessen the impact. Just before the punch hit Izuku a wall of light emerged in front of him taking the explosive punch. Izuku's eyes widen seeing that the wall of light, which he thought he created, protected him. His eyes were now golden so as his hair and a white aura emanated from his body but it didn't last very long as Izuku disabled it quickly.

I-I have a quirk my own quirk! I can't wait to show my mom! How can that light block my punch? Katsuki, however never got a reply because when he looked up, the green haired boy was no longer there and so was the boy he was protecting. This aggravated the blonde even more as he made more explosions with his hands. That was the first time Izuku manifested his first quirk which is light manipulation although this light in particular is more of a white energy which Izuku controls.

He can make barriers using this energy and provide range attacks in the form of arrows that are made purely out of white energy but the distance it can reach is only about 15 meters at most before it disappears. He can also use this barrier on his body to strengthen it and prevents it from getting serious injuries. His hair and eye color also changes from green to gold and white aura radiates from his body when he activates this particular quirk.

He also discovered that he can also heal wounds using this energy. He was one day running away from Katsuki when he accidently tripped over a rock and grazed his knee.

He placed his hand over his knee and suddenly a white glow surrounded his arm and it slowly healed his knee. The manifestation of his second quirk happened during the sludge villain incident. Izuku is walking through a tunnel when suddenly the cover of a manhole bursts open revealing a sludge monster ready to capture him.

A nice body for a disguise. Don't worry kid I'm just hijacking your body. Calm down. It'll only hurt for about 45 seconds Izuku however reacted fast enough and created a barrier large enough to prevent the villain from capturing him.

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